A little bit about me

Hi there, I’m Chris. 

I am a full time photographer from Nottingham, right in the centre of the East midlands.  I live with my Partner Emma, and our 2 children, Alex and Isabel

I love Mountain biking, camping, and general outdoors stuff, and not to mention photography, which is a big part of my life. Thinking back to the very early days I had more of a fascination with cameras than I did with photography.  I remember buying my first 35mm SLR camera and being so excited about the concept of taking some amazing photos.  I was really eager to get the first film developed and see what I had produced.  The moment they handed the prints over the counter to me, I was unwrapping them to see the results.  Well I was sure blown away by how bad they were.  It was at that point that I realised a good camera doesn’t always equate to good photos.

Fortunately I persevered and then when the digital camera revolution hit, I was a convert.  I loved the way I could experiment and see immediate results, it really made me understand how the camera worked.  In one week of owning a digital camera I had taken more photos than I had over the past five years of owning a film camera.

What I love about photography is it’s ability to trigger memories from our lives (I know thats a bit cliche).  When I look through old holiday photos, they trigger off so many detailed memories and emotions about that time.  This is why I love photographing weddings.  It is a huge honour to create something that will be looked at in years to come, and will mean so much to a couple and their family.

Photography for me has always been about creating something that is real, capturing life as it unfolds in front of me.  I want people to look at my photos and remember exactly how they were feeling, the emotions, the tears, the dancing…….the hangover! (I won’t be around to photograph that fortunately.

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