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From the initial wedding enquiry, I am always more than happy to come and meet you both and get to know you a little.  Its a great opportunity to talk about your wedding plans, and to find out if you like me or not, before you decide about booking.  This is also a good opportunity to have a look at some wedding albums, and chat about pricing options etc.

With the booking I will take down details of the venues and rough timing of events.  Often at the time of booking I appreciate a lot of exact timings still need to be established, so it’s not a problem if you are unsure about some things.

Within a month of the wedding I will contact you and discuss the day in a lot more detail, from what time you want me to start, to the list of group shots you would like.  We will cover it all.

On the day of the wedding is when you can just forget about me and enjoy your day.  Throughout the day I hardly intervene or tell anyone what to do, I just want things to be real, and happen the same way as if I wasn’t there.  The only times when I intervene during the wedding, will be the group shots, which I often do straight after the ceremony and the relaxed portraits.  With the portrait session I want to create some really nice natural shots of you both feeling happy in some interesting surroundings.  This normally takes between 30-45mins and is often done just before the meal or directly after depending on lighting.

During the evening I will just mingle around getting photos of people enjoying themselves, the dancefloor is always a great place to get some awesome and funny shots, so don’t be shy.  Even though in my prices section, I say I will stay up to the first dance, I always tell couples that if there are lots of interesting things to photograph. (eg funny dancing) I often stay later.

After the wedding  I will have a rest and you will possibly have a hangover, and some fond memories of a great day. Within 2 weeks of the wedding I will put together a slideshow of the wedding, and email it to you.  I often find this is a great way to see the photos for the first time, as it will just be just you two at home, or in your hotel room.  You can watch it as many times as you like and hopefully shed a few tears into your glass of wine in the process.  The rest of the photos will be delivered to you within a month of the wedding.

Album requirements can be discussed any time, and do not form part of the wedding contract.  So you can make your mind up about what you would like after the wedding.  I  know finances can take a beating after wedding, so I want you to make the decision that you feel comfortable with.

The design of the album will be done by myself by selecting the images that i feel most strongly represent your wedding day and tell thestory of the day.  Once the initial design has been done, I will send you a draft electronic version to check over.  You can then check over the design and inform me of any alterations you would like.  Albums take about 4 weeks to make and come in lots of different options to suit all tastes, they are a really nice way to show off your wedding photos.  For more information on wedding albums please take a look at my album page

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