Now I know we all have ipads these days (I don’t have one actually) and printing photographs has become something of the past. But when it comes to your wedding, the photographs mean a little bit more and deserve something a little special.  Below are a couple of options I currently provide.

Coffee table books

These books offer really good value for money and come in either printed or linen cover.  The linen cover has over 25 different colours to choose from so that could cause some arguments straight away.  They use a high quality paper that is similar to the thickness on a nice book, which means they are great for taking around with you and showing people.

Fine art books

These are stunning books, they have a similar design to the coffee table book, but instead use a very high grade archival paper that gives a very heavyweight feel to the pages.  The come in two cover options, linen and real leather.  The linen option again has 25 different colour options and the leather has 16.  A really nice feature is the ability to lay the pages flat and seamless printing across the two pages

The design

Every album design I do differs from all the rest.  This is because every wedding is different, so it deserves it’s very own design.  I arrange the images in a way that flows with the story of the day.  Every page is an episode of the day, sometimes a page has a large image going across both pages and other times lots of smaller ones.   

I put together the initial design myself using what I feel are the best photographs and the ones that represent your wedding day the most strongly.  Once the draft design is complete I will send you a digital version of the wedding album design.  You can then check over it and you are welcome to make any adjustments you like.  Once the adjustments are complete I will send you a final version for you to approve.  The wedding album can then be ordered, and delivery usually takes about 4 weeks.

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